Mobile apps are helping monitor health, manage finances and navigate cities. Robots are supporting children in schools, providing companionship for the elderly, and performing surgery with more accuracy than humans. Self-driving cars are predicted to reduce road fatalities by 90%. Sharing economy platforms and online businesses are empowering people to earn extra income like never before.

  • How do governments build thriving digital economies?
  • How can digital policies support skilled, confident and inclusive societies?
  • How can digital policies equally benefit society, entrepreneurs and business?
  • How might governments design better ones?

European governments have established digital policy units to tackle these challenges unseen before. These teams, along with other agencies and businesses, are creating brand new policies and initiatives for the digital future. But it’s not easy to find existing case studies, examples of best practice and learn from what has worked – and what has not.

What we do

Readie brings European governments together to share these digital policies and discuss new ideas.

Our areas of focus include digital skills and the future of work, disruptive businesses and the digitalisation of traditional industries. We help policymakers make the most of Europe’s digital economy by:

  • Sharing practical ideas and innovative approaches to digital policymaking
  • Producing research and analysis about digital transformation
  • Connecting governments, businesses and experts through our summits, roundtables and workshops

We work with network of European national governments.

Specifically, we collaborate with policymakers and ministers that lead digital transformation programmes and develop the digital economy policies.

We connect our policy network with industry experts, leading economists, researchers, and digital businesses to tackle current challenges and explore new ideas that are harnessing the opportunities of digital transformation.