Readie is a European digital policy centre.

We promote digital policies that benefit society and drive economic growth.

We help policymakers make the most of Europe’s digital economy in different ways:

We share practical ideas and innovative approaches to digital policymaking.
We connect governments and experts through our summits, roundtables and workshops.
We produce research and analysis about digital transformation.

News and Opinion


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    Industry 4.0 refers to connecting machines used in industrial production and supply chains to the internet and each other. This allows collecting data and automating some processes. Connected devices, also referred to as Industrial Internet of...
    12 December, 2017
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    The internet of things (IoT) is the connecting of physical devices to the internet at a large scale, allowing them to communicate with existing internet connected devices and each other. This creates large amounts of data...
    13 November, 2017
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    ‘Digital skills’ is a term used with increasing frequency, but it places a misleading emphasis on the technical skills a person needs to operate digital devices and software. The term encompasses a variety of technical, social...
    22 October, 2017
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