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Readie’s recent research has shown that only a minority of European adults are confident in their digital skills, like being able to code or build a website. However, digital skills are no longer just required by those in technical jobs – in an increasingly digital world, digital literacy more broadly is becoming a key building block of employment and of being an active citizen.

Over two days in Stockholm, Readie hosted a number of senior policymakers and stakeholders from across Europe to explore ‘digital skills in adults and the future of work’.

Readie also published a highlights summary article following the event.

Participants and guests included:

  • Ann-Mari Fineman, Vinnova (Sweden)
    Bojan Valančič, Ministry of Public Administration (Slovenia)
    Dan Grannas, Ministry of Employment (Sweden)
    Gustav Radell, Google (Sweden)
    Iarla Flynn, Google (Ireland)
    John Shurmer, Barclays (UK)
    Justine Mesnard, Grande École du Numérique (France)
    Kaidi Nõmmela, Ministry of Education and Research (Estonia)
    Karin Alm Chearnley, Prime Minister’s Office (Sweden)
    Karin Wilson, Swerea IVF (Sweden)
    Maria Rosendahl, Teknikföretagen / Confederation of Swedish Engineering Industries (Sweden)
    Mihkel Kaevats, Ministry of Social Affairs (Estonia)
    Pär Skoglund, Ministry of Employment (Sweden)
    Pierre Verlyck, Grande École du Numérique (France)
    Susanna Jansson, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation (Sweden)
    Therese Wallqvister, Tillväxtverket / Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Sweden)
    Tiina Hanhike, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland)
    Ulf Holmgren, Vinnova (Sweden)


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