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Data fuels the digital economy. In particular, open data has significant, and untapped, potential.

What is open data? Why does open data matter?

Open data is data that anyone can access, use or share.

Startups, businesses, cities, governments, researchers – all of them can benefit from open data. The impact of open data on the EU27 economy was estimated at €32bn in 2010, and since then the idea of opening up datasets has become increasingly popular. Huffington Post have published more about the existing evidence on the impact of open data.

European Data Portal

The European Data Portal is a great resource if you are looking for new datasets, or want to learn more about releasing and using open data.

Wendy Carrara from the European Data Portal explains:

“Today, we launched the official first version of the European Data Portal. We provide support to European countries to stimulate the release of more data by the public sector.

What will you be able to find?

Data: The amount of data has improved significantly since the launch of the beta version on 16 November 2015: from 240,000 datasets to over 400,000 datasets three months later.

Training Material: You can find training modules on the basics of open data, from licensing to measuring success.

Library:  Many countries are looking for practical examples of how open data is used and done in practice. You can now find an extended ‘Use cases’ section on the Portal, with case studies from each of the 32 countries of re-using or publishing data. You also find a range ‘Other reports’ on national open data studies for inspiration. Do you have a story to share? Tell us so we can publish it on the Portal.

What are the benefits of re-using open data?

Help the European Data Portal gather more examples of the economic value of open data. Are you a startup, SME or large cooperation using open data? Or do you know about someone in your network that is?

Participate in the survey! The survey will gather hundreds of examples of companies using open data across Europe. This will provide you with valuable economic insight to either show to public bodies that are still a bit sceptical or to motivate open data re-users to create value themselves. Results will be published during the second half of 2016.